Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy Amy Amy

“I told you I was trouble, you know that I'm no good.” 

As if watching someone self destruct and walking to their death makes it less tragic, or easier to dismiss as just another member of a stupid myth club.

Unlike with films and television, which I feel at home with, when it comes to music there is a lot I don't understand. I know what I love, but always bow down before my more knowledgeable friends, who help shape my musical taste.

There was something about Amy that grabbed me Immediately and wouldn't let go. I didn't need my music expert friends' seal of approval to know that I found someone rare and beautiful.  

With the right kind of voice for it, Amy wore her extensively reported pain on her sleeves. However, behind her tortured soul there was also a beautiful girl with the kind of talent that made me believe she was beyond her self destructive urge, and I wanted to believe she will overcome it and come back stronger and better.

In many of her interviews Amy said she started writing her own lyrics and music because she couldn’t relate to the songs of her time. She wanted to find her own voice, and what a voice that was. I wish she had found her peace of mind as well.

Her first album Frank, which she mostly wrote and produced on her own, is my favourite of her only two albums. It is what it says on the tin, frank. The songs are raw and not as polished as they became under Mark Ronson's wand in Back to Black. I love this simple honesty and Straightforwardness of this album. It is this kind of honesty, in her interviews as well as in her songs, which gave the impression she was a strong an confident woman.

Mark Ronson said in an interview about his work with her on Back to Black that once she had decided to work with him she wrote most of the lyrics within an hour. Like she was just waiting for the "go ahead" to pour what's on her mind and in her heart. 

Jonathan Ross asked her, in an interview about her album Frank, if her management company, who also managed S Club 7, ever tried to mould her into something she's not. Her brilliant reply was "They tried to shape into a triangle and I said nooooooo." She didn't compromise and was brave enough to sing her, but I she couldn't handle it. 

So I turn to my very humble CD collection and reach for Frank, and just before I cherish and hold on to every last note of the beautiful Amy Winehouse, my gaze rest on Shotter's Nation the only album I have of the Babyshambles (mock me if you will, I think Pete Doherty is another rare talent lost) and my stomach turns as I grievously wait  one more inevitable end of another musical legend.

I agree with every word she says about Doherty and it breaks my heart.

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